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2022 pillow loudspeakers


It’s also so simple that it should last for years. You’ll notice that none of the speakers here are wireless. There are good reasons for this. The wireless speaker contains a lithium battery that is extremely dangerous if overheated. These batteries have a very narrow safe operating range and can easily get too hot under your pillow. Whether you want to listen to podcasts, ambient sounds from apps like Rainy Mood, audio books, or relaxing music, undercushion speakers are the way to go.

Under-the-pillow speakers are easy, cheap, and can make a big difference to your sleep if you suffer from tinnitus or feel light-headed at night.As the name suggests, under-the-pillow Slip in and channel sound through foam or directly to your ears. It works surprisingly well, with very little sound leakage to annoy your partner. Sleep headphones are a great idea, but they can be difficult to get right and some people find sleeping with something around their head uncomfortable. They also tend to be quite expensive. You can get a great undercushion speaker for a fraction of the price.


  • Settle into the night and hear your favorite music and podcasts as clear as headphones. No discomfort. I have only two minor complaints about the Roberts Radio Pillow Talk Speaker. First of all, the cord doesn’t have a volume control, so you’ll have to adjust the tone of your phone or radio before settling into the night. Next, there’s a small 3-position switch on the side of the speaker that doesn’t seem to do anything. Roberts says you should choose the setting that gives you the best audio, but it has no noticeable effect.
    However, this is not a problem. The sound of Pillow Talk is the best I’ve heard from under-the-pillow speakers. No matter what you listen to at night, you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • The Roberts Radio Pillow Talk Speaker offers the best sound quality of any pillow speaker we’ve tested. Roberts has poured decades of experience into this tiny device (his 100mm x 80mm x 26mm, palm-sized).
    This is unusual for an undercushion speaker and shows that price does not necessarily reflect quality. It provides an acceptable muddy sound if you want some ambient noise because of it, but it’s not great for music or audiobooks…that’s not the issue here.

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