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$ 50 off the new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro from SAMSUNG


However, like all devices, they are not perfect. They can automatically switch between Samsung devices, but they don’t offer true multipoint Bluetooth connectivity. That means he can’t connect to two devices at the same time like he can with Jabra’s Pixel Buds Pro and various earbuds. Also note that support for 24-bit HiFi audio over Bluetooth is limited to Samsung phones. Today we have another deal for Samsung’s M8 smart monitor. Both a great monitor and a decent TV, the 2-in-1 is great value for money, especially since it’s currently available on Amazon for $589.99 instead of $699.99.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the second-generation AirPods Pro today for $249, but the price is holding you back, check out today’s deal on Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Today I came across one of the first discounts on a new set of wireless noise-cancelling earbuds. Get it now from Woot for just $179.99 ($50 off) with a 90-day limited warranty. As for audio, it sounds better than the best earbuds like the first generation AirPods Pro and Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, and can offer amazing clarity and a wide soundstage. It’s also efficient, and we enjoyed how small and comfortable it was compared to its predecessor.


  • That’s the cheapest price we’ve seen for an M8, and it’s also matched by Best Buy and Samsung. The M8 not only offers excellent color and contrast, but also has a wide range of features and capabilities. For example, connect your laptop to the USB-C port and use it as a display at work, or use Samsung’s Tizen smart TV operating system to stream shows and movies from major streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max. You can Or you can use your monitor to play Xbox games without an Xbox. The operating system is slow and the attachable webcam is rather mediocre, but if you want to save space and buy one display instead of two, it might be a good buy.

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