A “budget or mid-range” Android tablet called the Google Pixel Tablet can also act as a replacement for the Nest Hub

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Wojciechowski reaffirms in his most recent thread that the Pixel Tablet’s front- and back-facing cameras will be two Sony IMX355 sensors. The Sony IMX355 is an 8 MP sensor that Google also employs as a front-facing camera in many devices, most recently in the Pixel 6a. In addition, the following smartphones use the Sony IMX355 that debuted.

A “cheap or mid-range” Android tablet that can replace the Nest Hub is the Google Pixel Tablet. Android source code, according to developer Kuba Wojciechowski, contains information regarding the Pixel Tablet. As we discussed in July, Wojciechowski has given specifics about the cameras in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. He also provided comparable details on the Pixel Tablet, Pixel Tablet Fold, and Pixel 7 Ultra.


  • In that vein, other evidence suggests that the Pixel Tablet will arrive as a budget tablet, or a mid-range option at best. For example, the device will lack a barometer, a proximity sensor, a GPS module and an LTE modem. Similarly, Google has decided against including its ‘high-fidelity’ sensor processing’. Still, the Pixel Tablet should rely on the first-generation Google Tensor SoC, codenamed GS101.

  • However, no Pixel device has relied on the Sony IMX355 as its rear-facing camera. Separately, Wojciechowski emphasises 9to5Google’s findings that the Pixel Tablet will be the first Android device to drop 32-bit code support. As such, the tablet will only be capable of running 64-bit apps and games. Wojciechowski theorises that Google may have gone this route to maximise the tablet’s RAM capacity, which could be as little as 4 GB.

Overall, Wojciechowski believes that Google will market the Pixel Tablet as a ‘family tablet’, rather than as an alternative to the Galaxy Tab S8 or the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. Accordingly, the Pixel Tablet could serve as a Nest Hub replacement, which 9to5Google first suggested could happen before Google teased the tablet in May. Currently, Google is expected to launch the Pixel Tablet in early 2023, potentially alongside the Pixel 7a.

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