A Buffet of AI: Exploring How Cal Poly’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology is Embracing Artificial Intelligence

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Tech News Summary:

  • Cal Poly’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology is offering a self-paced workshop called “Artificial Intelligence Buffet” for students and teachers to explore AI.
  • The workshop will cover AI basics, history, ethical considerations, and unique applications, with the goal of providing a comfortable space for individuals with no prior experience in AI to try it out.
  • The workshop is structured as a temporary course on Canvas and aims to help educators integrate AI into their classrooms in meaningful ways, with additional workshops scheduled for the 2023-2024 school year.

Cal Poly’s Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) is getting ready to serve up an AI buffet for faculty and students. The Feast on AI event, which will take place on campus later this month, aims to introduce the Cal Poly community to the world of artificial intelligence and how it can be integrated into teaching and learning.

The event will feature a series of workshops and presentations led by experts in the field of AI, showcasing the various applications and implications of this cutting-edge technology. From machine learning to natural language processing, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the ways in which AI can enhance the educational experience.

“We are excited to bring together faculty, students, and staff to engage in conversations about AI and its potential impact on teaching and learning,” said Dr. Karen Muñoz, Director of CTLT. “As the use of AI continues to grow across industries, it’s important for our community to understand how this technology can be leveraged to improve educational outcomes.”

The Feast on AI event is part of CTLT’s ongoing efforts to promote innovative and effective teaching practices at Cal Poly. By expanding awareness and understanding of AI, the center hopes to inspire faculty to incorporate these advancements into their curriculum, ultimately preparing students for the demands of the future workforce.

“We want to empower our faculty to explore new ways of engaging students and enhancing the learning experience through the use of AI,” added Dr. Muñoz. “By fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, our hope is to spark creativity and, ultimately, improve the overall quality of education at Cal Poly.”

With the Feast on AI event just around the corner, the CTLT is gearing up to provide a feast for the mind, and students and faculty alike are eager to dig in.

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