A Funny And Unsettling AI Capitalism Experiment Is HustleGPT

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“Do you think he’ll be able to make smart investments and build an online business?” Hall tweeted. “According to.” Since his original tweet, which has 89,000 likes and continues to grow, Hall’s project has the internet on the edge of its chair, tracking whether HustleGPT can make money.

Shortly after launching OpenAI GPT-4, a more advanced version of his general AI model, writer and brand designer Jackson Greathouse Fall came up with a blueprint and integrated it into GPT. -4.

The internet is full of examples of what GPT-4’s advanced intelligence can achieve. He can write usable lawsuits, create websites from text prompts, automate online dating, and generally scare people about all the work he does. replaceable. Hall went even further by tapping into his abilities in an age-old ambition that has been the backbone of capitalist society: to make money with as little effort as possible. At a time when everyone is wondering if AI will work for us or against us, this experiment shows in real time what get-rich-quick schemes will look like in the future.

Mashable has reached out to Hall for comment, but at the time of this writing, he has not responded to our questions.

GPT-4’s proposed business plan is to set up an affiliate marketing website for eco-friendly product content. He found a cheap domain name called greengadgetguru.com that Hall quickly bought for $8.16. Next, Hall asked him to create a prompt for DALL-E-2 to create the logo.

Next, Hall asked him to design in detail a complete layout of the website. With the help of Midjourney, GPT-4 wrote an article listing ten eco-friendly kitchen appliances, looking for genuine sustainable products.

Hall paid an extra $29 for hosting, and with that, the site went live. Hall had $62.84 left, so he asked GPT-4 what to do with it. Like any good scammer, GPT-4 knew his product needed exposure, so he suggested allocating $40 to Facebook and Instagram ads. All this hype on Twitter has investors salivating at the idea of ​​getting in early on the affiliate marketing site’s next big viral GPT-4 test. At the end of the first day, Green Gadget Guru invested $100 from an undisclosed party.

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