A new era is beginning when Biden and Xi meet

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  • The Biden administration’s move to block the export of advanced computer chips to China signals a new phase in relations between the world’s two largest economies. At this stage, the competition for technological and military leadership in global energy has become more intense and trade has become less important.

The positive move announced last month will help set the tone for President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping as they meet in the lead-up to his G20 summit in Asia on Monday. It was a testament to Biden’s determination to “dominate” US competition with China, and Chinese officials were quick to condemn the export ban.

After more than 20 years of focusing on trade expansion and global economic growth, both countries openly put their national interests first as the global economy faces the risk of high inflation and recession. The United States and China each recognize the development and production of computer chips as essential to their economic growth and their national security interests.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimond said in an interview, “We will do everything we can to protect the American people from the Chinese threat.” “China is very clear. They will use this technology for surveillance. They will use this technology for cyberattacks. It undermines our ability to protect ourselves in many ways.

“To improve China’s innovation capability, we will more quickly launch a series of large-scale national projects of strategic, comprehensive and long-term importance,” Xi said.

Xi responded to the export ban in a statement at the Chinese Communist Party Congress last month, securing his third term as the country’s leader. He promised that China would become more proactive and self-sufficient in manufacturing semiconductors and other technologies.

The Chinese government has made developing advanced computer chips capable of handling everything from artificial intelligence to hypersonic missiles one of his top priorities. To fill the gap to get there, China has relied on imports of advanced chips and manufacturing equipment from the United States. The United States last month introduced a series of export controls restricting shipments of the world’s most advanced chips, manufacturing equipment and industry to China. Block professionals that lead to America.

The US and its allies famously imposed export controls on Russia after her February invasion of Ukraine, making it difficult to supply the Russian military with weapons, ammunition, tanks and aircraft. As a result of these restrictions, Russia has relied on drones from Iran, and the US has accused North Korea of ​​supplying them with artillery.

Until recently, the United States believed that strong trade ties would bring nations closer together and the world into a safer, more prosperous post-Cold War order. Global supply chains must reduce costs, increase profits and infuse democratic values ​​into the realm of oligarchies, dictatorships and dictatorships.

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