A new variant for the Chinese market is the Core i5-13490F

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The CPU has already undergone testing using the built-in CPU-Z benchmark, and it passed with scores of 779.7 for the single-core test and 6834.5 for the multi-core test, respectively. This equates to roughly 6% and 4.5% more performance than the Core i5-13400F.

The CPU has 6 Performance cores and 4 Efficient cores, according to the screenshots shared by @wnxod. However, just like the i5-13400F, the full configuration has 10 cores and 16 threads. The only distinction is in the clock rates, which are 200 MHz faster and on par with the i5-13500. Additionally, the L3 cache has 24 MB, meaning that this SKU has 4 MB more available. The L2 cache, which is still 9.5MB, has not changed.

The previous model was exclusive to the Chinese market and came in a recognizable black box. This processor does not come with a stock cooler from Intel. The i5-13490F was not revealed at CES 2023 last month with the unveiling of non-K series processors, and it is not yet listed on Intel’s official website.

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