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A new virtual world of PvE multiplayer RPG called Age of Sigmar is coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices


As said in a statement, the new game will be released on his PC, consoles and mobile devices. It features a socially interactive player-versus-environmental world built on the legacy of Age of Sigmar and powered by Nexon’s world-class live operations. This will also support the game with new content and services.

Games Workshop Group and Nexon have reached a new licensing deal for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The deal will allow for the development and release of new virtual worlds based on the aforementioned popular fantasy game franchises. Unfortunately, no terms or release date have been announced for this new virtual world.


  • Each season, players collect characters to enter new realms. Each character has its own options, story, and gameplay. Players can customize their characters and cooperatively control how their part of the realm plays out.

  • The game takes place in an era of war. Mortal Realms has been dismissed. Beaten by followers of the Chaos Gods, they stand on the brink of destruction. Players take command of the God-King Sigmar and his warhost allies as they fight to rekindle hope and restore order to the kingdom.

Other Warhammer-related news confirms that Warhammer 40K Battle Sector is coming to Xbox and PlayStation, available from December 2nd. As you might have guessed, the game will also be released on his Xbox Game Pass for consoles and his PC. The game will also be available as a Game Pass title from day one.

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