A settlement from Apple: AppleCare’s $ 95 million lawsuit may be imminent

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Even though this was only a minor percentage of the total amount requested, a trial might not have resulted in any settlement funds at all. Earlier this year, customers were given the option to opt out of or participate in the settlement(opens in new tab), with anyone who purchased AppleCare+ for an iPhone or iPad between July 20, 2012, and September 30, 2021 being able to join the class.

Members of the class are receiving payment notices. Individuals who participated in a class action lawsuit against Apple that was settled for $95 million are now beginning to get notifications that they might soon receive payments from the business as part of the claim. After being sued for utilising refurbished iPhones and iPads as replacements that were not “comparable to new in performance and dependability,” the business reached a settlement last year(opens in new tab). Apple made a $95 million offer to settle the claim before it went to trial and vehemently denied any wrongdoing.


  • In recent years, Apple has greatly increased the scope of its AppleCare programme. A notable feature of the company’s AppleCare+ service is that it provides coverage for two incidents of unintentional damage every calendar year with the option to add coverage for theft and loss. The iPhone upgrade programme also includes AppleCare+, which enables customers to upgrade to the company’s latest and greatest iPhone for a monthly price every year.

  • According to Macrumors(opens in new tab), class members are currently receiving notices stating that they are qualified for a payment of $28.90 and that they will receive a notice prior to the iPhone 14(opens in new tab) event. We’re sending you this courtesy email as the matter’s settlement administrator to let you know that by August 30, 2022, An email issued to a member of the class states, “You will get a payment notice email that contains a link to claim your payment electronically. You have until November 28, 2022, after receiving that communication, to submit a claim for payment.

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