A Significant Development Update for Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 was approved, which was almost certainly a miracle, and it appears that it will release very soon. Remedy Entertainment stated that Alan Wake 2 is currently complete and that all of the game’s content will be available very soon in a new investors report. It’s still on schedule to debut this year, and the development team will now focus on preparing the game for release as soon as possible. Given that it’s a spooky game and that’s when the remaster released, it appears likely that this game will release in September or October.

Control includes DLC, links to that world, a downloadable spin-off, and a remake of the original game.

It was also mentioned that Remedy hasn’t received any royalties from the remaster’s sales, but the studio anticipates that will change as the sequel approaches.

Since the studio hasn’t really marketed Alan Wake 2 much, hopefully this spring we’ll start to hear more about it. Beyond a few interviews about the game and its initial reveal trailer in 2021, we don’t actually know very much about it. That should imply that there will be some mystery surrounding the game and that players will be able to play it largely unspoiled.

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