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A special pair of open ear wired headphones ideal for an active lifestyle


The Resolve’s open ear construction is one of its key differentiators and serves multiple purposes. It provides surrounding awareness and a pressure-free fit to keep him comfortable throughout the day. It’s a wired format so you can listen as long as you want without having to stop and recharge, and it also includes in-line controls and a built-in mic. You can go for a run without worrying about the sound of passing cars.

At this point, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of different headphones, earbuds, and earbuds on the market, all designed for different purposes. However, when it comes to training and sports headphones, nothing compares to Resolve. The wired, open-ear Resolve is a completely unique product from Avantree, a global provider of unique audio solutions, both in construction and function, making it ideal for any audio environment, whether working outdoors or outdoors. Specifically designed to meet the needs of a leisurely return home.


  • In short, Avantree Resolve are affordable and versatile wired earbuds that are perfect for your active lifestyle. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure fit, and the open-ear shape is perfect for those who want to be aware of their surroundings. A built-in mic and in-line controls ensure crystal-clear hands-free calls, while a 3.5mm AUX jack ensures high-quality audio and wide compatibility. Avantree Resolve is available now for just $24.99. See the Avantree Resolve page for more information.

  • You can participate in a long study session and enjoy the fit without feeling oppressive. Work from home and use the built-in controls to answer calls without touching your phone. The possibilities are endless. Avantree’s CEO, Phoebe Yi, said: “I love using them and never have to worry about charging them. I can hear my voice and my surroundings at the same time and she can use them all day without any pain or pressure.”

About Avantree: Avantree’s mission is to provide everyone with audio solutions focused on thriving, not just “surviving”. With products that offer users a variety of unique audio experiences, B. With social listening options and customized hearing profiles, Avantree creates devices that not only deliver high quality sound, but also meet users’ needs. By doing so, we aim to meet consumers wherever they are. Follow our blog to stay up to date on the latest product announcements and events at Avantree.

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