A Story of Valor and Dedication: Jones Inducted into ATU US Army ROTC Hall of Honor

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  • Col. Jerry W. Jones inducted into the ATU U.S. Army ROTC Hall of Honor on November 4, 2023.
  • Jones, a native of Mansfield, served over 30 years as an active duty military intelligence officer and continued to serve the military intelligence community for 22 years after retiring from active duty.
  • The ATU U.S. Army ROTC Hall of Honor recognizes outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to their country through their military service and continues to produce exceptional leaders.

Today, the United States Army ROTC at Arkansas Tech University proudly enshrined one of its own, Major General John D. Jones, into the Hall of Honor. This prestigious recognition is a testament to Jones’ remarkable career and unwavering dedication to the Army and his country.

Jones, a graduate of Arkansas Tech University, has an illustrious career in the military, serving in various leadership positions and earning numerous accolades for his valor and dedication. His leadership and commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the Army and inspired countless future leaders in the ROTC program.

During the ceremony, Jones was praised for his exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication to duty, and commitment to the values of the U.S. Army. His exemplary service and selfless sacrifice have made him a role model for countless cadets in the ROTC program.

In his acceptance speech, Jones expressed his gratitude for the honor and emphasized the importance of upholding the traditions and values of the Army. He credited his success to the unwavering support of his family, mentors, and colleagues, and expressed his hope that his induction into the Hall of Honor would inspire future generations of Army leaders.

The enshrinement of Major General John D. Jones into the ATU US Army ROTC Hall of Honor is a celebration of his remarkable career and a recognition of his enduring legacy of valor and dedication. His inspiring journey serves as a source of pride for the entire ATU community and a testament to the values of the U.S. Army.

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