About our watch: You’ll need a Bluetooth tracking device before your travels this year

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  • During the holiday season in December, many Southwest Airlines passengers had their flights cancelled (though this isn’t the first time Southwest and other major US airlines have experienced a high volume of delays). However, it wasn’t just a few flights that were cancelled: according to NPR, over 16,000 flights were cancelled. Aside from so many flights being cancelled and passengers being stranded, countless pieces of luggage were also lost in the shuffle.

However, this lost luggage saga did not begin in December of last year. According to Insider, more than 1.4 million bags went missing across American-based airlines before the holidays in 2022, with many outlets reporting on how important AirTags have become for travel later in the year. However, AirTags aren’t the only excellent Bluetooth tracking device for travellers.

When it comes to Bluetooth trackers, we like Tile trackers and AirTags. The Tile Pro has a longer range than the AirTag, but the AirTag is more precise when it comes to pinpointing the location of your keys, wallet, or luggage. The Tile Pro also received a 2022 Gadget Award for travel due to its louder alarm and device-agnostic capability over AirTags, which are only available for iPhone users. (Plus, it’s about the same price as an AirTag right now.)

However, we rated the AirTag as having the best features, allowing iOS users to use the Find My app to more accurately locate their items than the competition. It’s also simple to sync with iPhones — though keep in mind that AirTags work best with iPhones 11 and up, so if you don’t have one, the Tile Pro might be a better option.


While neither Bluetooth tracking device can prevent your flights from being cancelled during the holiday and summer vacation chaos, they can assist you in locating your luggage, making unruly travel a little smoother and more manageable. As far as tracking devices go, you can’t go wrong with packing the Tile Pro or the AirTag in your suitcase before your next big adventure — it’s a small device that literally goes a long way.

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