“Actress Justine Bateman Opposes Hollywood’s Fixation on AI: Declares Loss of Humanity in Technology”

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Tech News Summary:

  • Former actress and director Justine Bateman believes that AI has no place in Hollywood as it does not solve any real problems and takes away from the human element of the entertainment industry.
  • Bateman also raises concerns about the monetary aspect of using AI in Hollywood to eliminate overhead costs and increase profits. She also warns about the advanced technology that can be used to alter the appearance of aging actors and potentially lead to plagiarism in writing scripts.
  • Bateman hopes that her negative predictions about the effects of AI in Hollywood are wrong, but given the current climate, it seems unlikely. The Writer’s Guild of America has proposed regulations on AI in projects covered by Minimum Basic Agreements, prohibiting AI from writing or rewriting literary material or using it as source material.

Actress-turned-director Justine Bateman is vocalizing her concerns about Hollywood’s growing obsession with artificial intelligence (AI).

In a recent interview with Variety, Bateman expressed her worries that the industry is becoming too reliant on technology and is losing its human connection.

“Technology is losing its humanity, and that’s concerning for me as a filmmaker,” she said. “People are starting to trust the algorithms more than they trust their own intuition, and that’s a dangerous thing.”

Bateman, who made her directorial debut with the film “Violet” in 2021, has always been a proponent of staying true to the human experience in her work.

“I want my work to feel authentic and real, and that’s hard to achieve if you’re relying solely on data-driven decisions,” she explained.

As AI and machine learning technology continue to advance in Hollywood, Bateman believes it’s important to remember the value of human connection and emotion in storytelling.

“It’s not just about creating something that’s profitable or marketable,” she said. “It’s about creating something that has the power to move people and make them feel something.”

Bateman isn’t alone in her concerns about the increasing use of AI in the entertainment industry. Many industry professionals worry that relying too heavily on data-driven decisions could lead to a homogenization of content and a lack of creativity.

But despite her worries, Bateman remains hopeful that the industry will find a way to strike a balance between technology and humanity.

“I believe that there’s a way to use technology to enhance our work without sacrificing our humanity,” she said. “We just have to be careful and mindful in how we do it.”

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