After Rockstar Takes To RPG Servers, GTA RP Fans Are Both Relieved And Scared

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  • Rockstar has finally expressed an official opinion regarding the immensely popular GTA RP servers after going years without doing so.

If you’re not familiar with GTA RP, it’s basically modified servers that let a player access his GTA Online account in a method that isn’t supported by the game itself. You can play guitar while the earth burns with his 999 other players, manage a store, or work as a police officer.

However, since seemingly innocent programs like OpenIV were shut down, Rockstar and his parent company Take-Two have had a tense relationship with modders. The tools used to enable GTA RP are a gray area, but they essentially approved single player mods in a statement they released in 2017.

Now,  Rockstar says it hopes roleplaying servers “continue to thrive in a safe and friendly manner for years to come”, adding that the single server rule It elaborates on some similar rules. -player -mod

This last point may be the most relevant, as more and more GTA RP servers, including the most popular ones, benefit from in-game cash and loot chest sales. ‘s servers have largely gone unnoticed, but Rockstar may soon take action against them after the studio lays down clear rules about what is and isn’t allowed.

Basically, RP servers cannot use irrelevant IPs. That means you can no longer play as Superman. This also includes “other Rockstar IP”, so don’t expect to play as John Marston on RP servers either. You may also not sell loot boxes or in-game currency, profit from corporate sponsorships, or integrate cryptocurrencies.

Rockstar also expressly prohibits “creating new games, stories, missions, or maps”, similar to the rules for single player mods. This pretty much bans any kind of new content coming into mods, but given that the same rules apply to single-player mods, it could be applied selectively.

The legal language of the statement states that Rockstar and Take-Two do not endorse or approve third-party projects and may change their minds at any time to take legal action against a particular mod of his.

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