After the recent improvements, Amazon MMO New World is booming again

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  • The attention of players and their favorable attitudes toward Amazon’s MMOs have risen as a result of numerous improvements to New World.

When New World opens in September 2021, it will rank among the top games ever released on Steam, with a peak concurrent player count of 953,000, which ranks as the platform’s seventh largest ever. However, over the course of around six months, those player counts sharply decreased, falling to just below his daily high of 30,000.

However, a number of exploits and technical problems prevented many people from playing, and the gradual release of fresh content was insufficient to entice them back.

But on October 17, 2022, New World released his Brimstone Sands update, bringing with it a host of brand-new features like vastly expanded zones and a newly redesigned new player experience. The creators debuted Fresh Start Worlds on November 2. This is how new and returning players enter his original server’s ground floor.

All new and returning players have responded well to the most recent modifications. Literally, a recent Steam review indicates a “extremely positive” rating in contrast to prior players’ “mixed” responses to the game.

It pays well when you combine that with his transient 50% discount and his extensive Twitch advertising effort. Shinsekai’s daily peak concurrent player count is currently in the 100,000 range, the highest since the year’s commencement. Although it is obviously far from the top, it does demonstrate a strong player base that rivals Steam’s biggest hits for the time being.

Of course, it is still uncertain whether New World will keep these players over the long run. But given the excitement in these most recent improvements, it appears that MMOs have established a reliable player base.

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