AI App Eliminates Irritating Nacho Crunch Noises for PC Gamers

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Tech News Summary:

  • An AI-powered app called Doritos Silent has been launched to eliminate chewing and crunching sounds from voice chats and calls using headphones, specifically for professional gamers.
  • The app was developed after a survey of more than 3,000 people from various countries revealed that gamers like to snack while playing, but find the sound of others eating distracting. It also showed that people prefer the crunchiness of Doritos.
  • The idea of making Doritos less crunchy was initially met with resistance, leading to the development of the AI software. The app can also be used with other food products such as chips, crackers, and raw vegetables.

In a groundbreaking development for PC gamers, a new AI app is set to revolutionize the gaming experience by eliminating the annoying crunching sound of nachos during intense gaming sessions.

The app, aptly named “Munch Mute,” uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to detect and mute the sound of crunchy snacks being eaten while gamers are immersed in their favorite games. The app can be installed on any PC and works in the background, continuously analyzing audio input and muting the crunching noise in real time.

“We understand the frustration that many gamers feel when trying to concentrate on their games, only to be disrupted by the sound of someone munching on nachos,” says the app’s creator, Dr. Emily Rodriguez. “Munch Mute is our solution to this common problem, allowing gamers to enjoy their gaming experience without any distractions.”

The app has already gained a following among PC gamers, with many praising its effectiveness in enhancing their gaming experience. “I used to get so annoyed by the sound of my roommate’s nacho crunching while I was gaming, but Munch Mute has completely changed the game for me,” says avid gamer, Jack Johnson. “Now I can focus on my game without any distractions, and it’s made a huge difference in my overall enjoyment of gaming.”

Munch Mute is set to be released for download in the coming weeks and is expected to be a game-changer for PC gamers everywhere. With its ability to eliminate the irritating noise of nacho crunches, the app is poised to save gamers’ sanity and elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level. Goodbye, annoying nacho crunches – thanks to Munch Mute, PC gamers can now play in peace.

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