‘Alstom Accelerates Towards Viva Technology 2023: Propelling Sustainable Mobility with ‘Rail as the Intelligent Choice’ Theme!’

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Tech News Summary:

  • Alstom is set to showcase at the Viva Technology trade fair how rail is the smart choice from social, governmental, economic, and environmental perspectives. Alstom aims to highlight how choosing trains as a mode of transportation is an act of good citizenship.
  • The railway sector is increasingly dynamic and rail is the most efficient and cleanest mode of transport in the world. Rail offers sustainable mobility solutions for high-speed trips across countries or short urban trips.
  • Alstom will participate at Viva Technology 2023 with a 154 square meter stand dedicated to startups that make up its ecosystem and will also have a recruitment area dedicated to implementing its ambitious policy to recruit new talent. Visitors can exchange ideas on AI-based multi-modal traffic monitoring and orchestration systems, first- and last-mile solutions for greater integration with other modes of transport, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity autonomous mobility technology, and digital professions in the railway sector.

Paris, France – Alstom, a leading provider of sustainable mobility solutions, has announced its participation at Viva Technology 2023 with the theme ‘Rail is the Smart Choice’.

Viva Technology is a global event that brings together startups, innovators, and leaders from various industries to showcase groundbreaking technologies and initiatives. Alstom’s participation in the event is aligned with its commitment to sustainable mobility and its efforts in promoting rail transport as the smart and eco-friendly choice for modern transportation needs.

As the world continues to face the challenges of climate change and urbanization, Alstom’s rail solutions offer a sustainable and efficient way to move people and goods. By presenting its innovative rail solutions at Viva Technology, Alstom aims to showcase the benefits of rail transport and highlight how rail can offer a smart, efficient, and sustainable way to meet the mobility needs of urban and rural communities.

“We are excited to showcase our sustainable mobility solutions at Viva Technology 2023 and highlight the critical role of rail transport in building more sustainable and resilient cities,” said Jean-François Beaudoin, Alstom’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “By presenting our cutting-edge rail technologies and solutions, we hope to inspire innovation and collaboration towards a more sustainable future.”

Alstom’s participation at Viva Technology 2023 is expected to be a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to lead the sustainable mobility revolution. With its focus on rail transport as the smart choice, Alstom is well-positioned to shape the future of sustainable mobility and help build a better world for all.

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