Although Star Citizen has not yet launched, it is experiencing server issues

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The Alpha 3.18 “Lasting Legacies” update, which RSI is promoting as “the biggest Star Citizen update yet,” was released this week. It is the cause of most of Star Citizen’s current issues.

But don’t worry, Roberts Space Industries (RSI), the game’s developer, hasn’t given up on coming up with fresh, intriguing ways for the game to break despite the current situation.

The update also adds the game’s long-awaited “Persistent Entity Streaming” technology, which enables items to stay where you put them even after you leave a server shard, along with updated graphics and physics, new ship salvage gameplay, and a few new combat missions.

Unfortunately, despite the 4.4 million backers who have contributed to the game’s funding, the Star Citizen servers could not handle the high volume of interest in the update. The RSI Launcher may become unresponsive due to the high volume of traffic associated with the launch of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.0, according to RSI’s report published just a few hours after the update went live last Friday.

The game is still in a “slow/non-responsive state,” according to RSI’s report on Sunday. “Players will experience periods of extreme difficulty getting into the [persistent universe],” the company warned. The RSI team reported “increasing error rates” later that day after upgrading the issue from a “minor outage” to a “major outage” by Monday.

Due to this, the game was suspended for a few hours “Tuesday “will see live service maintenance as the team makes several adjustments to the PES Infrastructure to help address the problems that surfaced over the weekend.

” According to RSI as of Thursday, despite “periodic waves of instability,” the “new infrastructure is trending in the right direction.”

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