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Amendola and HHS Technology The group collaborates on strategic PR and marketing services

  • HHS Technology Group (HTG), a pioneer in purpose-built data and analytics software and solutions for the public and private sector, has chosen a nationally renowned, award-winning healthcare and technology public relations and marketing firm to serve as its agency of record. The firm will help with messaging, marketing, and promotion of its distinctive technology solutions, including its recent collaboration on the COVID-19 Research Database designed to create a scientific database for the public.

Using our purpose-built platform that enables the harmonization, exploration, visualization, and modeling of patient data, healthcare systems, researchers, and agencies require a trustworthy technology partner to speed innovation, president of HTG.

“As we assist Amendola in addressing some of the most challenging issues in healthcare, we are eager to strengthen our connection. I am confident in Amendola’s great ability to boost HTG’s position as an industry thought leader and drive our success with clients based on our previous collaboration with Amendola and my experience working with them at other organizations.”

In order to highlight the company’s current technology and services, new offers, milestones, client victories, and industry alliances, Amendola is putting into action a complete media and communications plan for HTG.

Open research data are used to mine and manipulate information on important health issues. Additionally, HTG offers modular, interoperable systems that are approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and allow public organizations to quickly update their Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMISs) to reflect contemporary business practices.

Recently, HTG established a partnership to provide resources for the long-term COVID-19 and the unseen pandemic of chronic kidney disease (CKD) to the public and private sectors. This information comes after HTG and key businesses partnered to expand the facility and provide access to the COVID-19 Research Database.

Amendola is an award-winning, in-depth marketing and public relations company that integrates media relations, social media, content, and lead generation programs to engage decision makers. in healthcare, bioscience/pharmaceutical and medical informatics. The agency represents some of the industry’s best-known brands and disruptive startups that are disrupting the status quo.

Nearly 90% of its customers are made up of multi-year and/or recurring operating customers. Amendola’s seasoned PR and marketing team understands the current complexities of the healthcare ecosystem and offers innovative strategic and direction advice to drive positive ROI, build reputation, and increase sales. market share. Making an impact since 2003, Amendola combines traditional and digital media to drive significant and measurable growth.

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