Amid concerns about fire, Anker recalls the 535 Power Bank

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Anker suggests that users stop using the device right away and put it away until they can properly dispose of it at a location that accepts lithium batteries. In addition to providing a comprehensive list of additional resources that offer advice on how to properly dispose of lithium batteries, the company is offering refunds to those affected customers (you’ll need proof of purchase and an order number). Due to the potential for fire, lithium batteries shouldn’t be disposed of in regular trash or recycling.

The “most probable cause” of a house fire that occurred in Washington County, Maryland, last week is thought to be a power bank (seen via Macrumors). A packed suitcase that contained an Anker 535 Power Bank that is currently being recalled caught fire, or something close to it did. Other electrical devices or anything else that might have started the fire were not present in the suitcase. No one inside the house was hurt.

If you’re not sure which Anker Power Bank model you have, you can find out by looking at the text on the battery’s bottom. A1366 is the model number for the impacted products, which will be listed as “535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K)”.

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