An intriguing Apple Watch Ultra redesign for the iPhone 15

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With a chassis that is 12 mm thick, the device is obviously something Apple would never produce in 2023, but the case depth makes the camera bump almost invisible. The individual cameras do not extend beyond the bump itself, but are enclosed in a single sheet.

The ring/silence switch has a textured pattern, and the ruggedized buttons protrude from the frame. Like on the Apple Watch Ultra, raised surfaces protect the display bezels. Before the display, the edges have a slight concave valley.

Similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, the device has speaker cutouts on the bottom. For the 50db siren’s maximum output, this design was introduced.

The added Action button and the orange accents around the USB-C port are other design cues from the Apple Watch Ultra. We must admit that the overall effect is compelling.

Although this extremely thick device with accent colors is attractive, it would never be included in Apple’s product lineup. Since the current iPhone 14 Pro Max is 7.85mm thick, adding 4mm of uniform thickness would go against the direction Apple has been heading since the release of the first iPhone.

Additionally, it seems unlikely that Apple would include a new button given that rumors claim the company wants to do away with all physical iPhone buttons.

We adore this designer’s originality and how he integrated the Apple Watch Ultra with the iPhone. It functions as a “just for fun” idea that is still somewhat realistic. Additionally, the designer has been clear throughout that this is only a concept and not a rumor.

The iPhone Ultra, which is scheduled to debut in 2023 or 2024, will probably resemble the iPhone 14 Pro Max quite a bit. According to some rumors, it might be a new product tier in 2024 that comes before the Pro Max, which would make it an even more expensive gadget.

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