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Android game keyboard controls are being tested on ChromeOS


According to the company, keyboard presses simulate touch controls, mapping touchscreen controls to desktop systems. He also insisted the developer implement keyboard controls in the game to work better on his non-touch Chromebook.

ChromeOS users already have access to many Android games through Google Play, many of which are designed for touchscreen interfaces. This can make it difficult for users to play these titles with a keyboard and mouse. To address this issue, Google today announced that it is testing keyboard controls for select titles on ChromeOS 105.


  • If you’re running ChromeOS 105 on a device with a keyboard and mouse (or a touchpad), you’ll see a keyboard overlay denoting controls that will simulate touch behavior on a supported game. With this release, users will be able to disable/enable keyboard overlay, disable game controls, and customize control keys in a game (available through a settings square located on the right-center of the screen).

  • “By translating key presses into simulated touch events, the game controls feature allows players to use their keyboard to interact with on-screen buttons and virtual joysticks, resulting in a vastly improved experience for games with limited or missing keyboard support,” the company said in a blog post.

Joystick Games

They can still use the mouse for accessing in-game menus and dialogs. For the initial phase, Google has concentrated on four kinds of games that will support keyboard controls: joystick, single button, multi button, and swipe games. Here’s the list of supported games at launch:



Heroics Epic Legend of Archero Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

Pixel Blade R – Revolution Zombero: Archero Hero Shooter

Archer Hunter – Offline Action Adventure Game Mr. Autofire

Stack Ball – Crash Platforms Fire Balls 3D

Geometry Dash Lite Single Button Games

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