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Apple It looks like it’s gearing up for Bluetooth 5.2 devices, which could indicate the release of AirPods Pro with LE Audio


For example, the Beats Studio Buds are listed with Bluetooth 5.3 when they actually support Bluetooth 5.2, according to reviews of the headphones, while many iPhone and iPad models are listed with Bluetooth 5.1 despite supporting Bluetooth 5.0. With all of that confusion surrounding version numbers aside, Apple adopting Bluetooth 5.2 would be especially beneficial for AirPods, as the specification includes support for LE Audio with several improvements to wireless audio streaming.

Apple appears to be preparing for future devices with Bluetooth 5.2 support, according to a filing in the Bluetooth SIG products database earlier this month. Among other possibilities, this could serve as evidence of future AirPods Pro with LE Audio support. Apple`s filing references a Bluetooth 5.3 host subsystem that is likely intended for future products. However, in actuality, the filing likely refers to Bluetooth 5.2, as the Bluetooth versions listed in Apple’s filings in the database are often one version number higher than the version that ends up being supported on a device, for reasons unclear.


  • In July, the Bluetooth SIG announced that it expects increased availability of products supporting LE Audio by the end of 2022. Apple plans to launch the second-generation AirPods Pro by the end of the year, but we don’t yet know if they will support Bluetooth 5.2 or LE audio. It’s also unclear if Beats Studio Buds will add support for LE audio in a firmware update.

  • LE Audio is part of the Low Power Bluetooth LE standard. According to The Verge, benefits of LE Audio for wireless headphones like AirPods include better audio quality, longer battery life, the ability to connect two or more pairs of AirPods to a single iPhone, and the ability to separate left and right AirPods. may include the ability to connect to Include a dedicated Bluetooth connection to the iPhone to prevent desynchronization during audio playback.

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