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Apple Verizon’s One Plan Package with New One Unlimited for iPhone Floor


You can see the new options on Verizon’s app and website when you sign up to change your plan. Compared to other services, the One Unlimited plan isn’t cheap and sits between Verizon’s most expensive Get More and Play More/Do More plans. 1 line $90/month, 2 lines $150/month ($75/line), 3 lines $180/month ($60/line), 4 lines $200/month ($50/line), 5 A line costs $225 per month. ($45 per line). All fees are automatic payments.

Verizon Apple fans who prefer an Apple One subscription as a perk have a new option. One Unlimited for iPhone plan. On Wednesday, ahead of Apple’s iPhone 14 event, the carrier’s website announced that it would be adding new plans to its lineup to accommodate people with iPhones.


  • Like his regular Apple One subscription, Apple One Family users can share access to features with up to five other users through Apple’s Family Sharing feature. According to Verizon, if you want to upgrade to Apple One’s most expensive plan (News Plus, Fitness Plus, and Premier, which includes 2TB of storage), you’ll have to do it separately through Apple. Then you’re paying the full $30/month. 

  • Apple One is included in this high monthly fee. That means access to Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and iCloud storage. People with one line have 50 GB of iCloud storage included and have an Apple One individual plan (usually about $15/month), while people with two or more lines get 200 GB of iCloud storage. is included and uses the Apple One family (about $20/month). Moon).

Unlike Verizon’s other plans, this plan requires anyone who wants to use his One Unlimited to have all lines in their account. So, like most of Verizon’s other unlimited services (or “combine” one line of One Unlimited), you get one line of One Unlimited and the other line of the cheaper Starter or Play More packages. You can’t “mix and match” to save money. ) and another one with Play More to get both the Disney Bundle and Apple One to get the most out of your subscription).

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