Armored features the contemporary Technology For staff training

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  • The Indian Army’s Armored Forces Center and Schools (ACC&C) employs a range of modern technologies to train personnel to operate effectively in areas of operations, including mountainous terrain.

The role of the tank squadron is deployed on the front line. The deployment of his T-90 Bhishma tanks in the Ladakh district after the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) consolidated its position is evidence of that.

“Panzer Corps is at the forefront of transformation to meet the military’s current operational needs. Therefore, introducing contemporary changes in education is the only way to achieve our goals. Therefore, new and updated versions of various software and technologies have been incorporated into the center’s training modules in recent years,” a senior army officer told TOI.

The Ahmednagar-based facility is a premier training facility providing technical and tactical training to officers, JCOs and other ranks of both the Indian Army and friendly nations.

The Center’s Armored Warfare School (SAW) primarily trains tankers in the tactical aspects of tank warfare, and CG Commanders have updated their training modules to meet current challenges.

Training in operating various types of drone systems capable of carrying out strike missions in enemy territory, as well as updating and installing new software and simulators, are among the latest additions to the facility, officials said.

“Incorporated an enhanced version of the ‘Survekshak’ software containing maps of all the military’s commands. By using this software, personnel can examine boundaries, obstacles, and various terrains in areas that tanks can cover. Satellite images of enemy posts are also included. Assist personnel in preparing tactical war plans and how to execute them on the ground,” another officer said.

Staff will be trained at SAW on a new generation of equipment and systems, including drones, the official said. He then teaches some exercises with drones at a firing range, where they learn how to scan an area, understand information, and communicate with troops. ”

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