At launch, PSVR2 will support “No Man’s Sky”

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  • Only Horizon: Call of the Mountain and the Quest 2 port Cities VR: Enhanced Edition were announced as PSVR2 opening day games when Sony revealed PSVR2 release information earlier this month. Fans of No Man’s Sky now have something else to look forward to, as Hello Games told Eurogamer that its previously promised PSVR2 upgrade will be releasing on February 22nd, 2019, along with Sony’s new gear.

Using the power of the PlayStation 5, PSVR2, and its new Sense controllers, Hello Games hinted that a PSVR2 update for No Man’s Sky was in the works back in June. The update would improve the game’s 2019 VR implementation and “take that sense of immersion and believability up by several major steps.”

This week, keen-eyed PS5 Store users (by which I mean Eurogamer’s resident VR aficionado Ian Higton) noticed an updated description on Hello Games’ PSVR2 reveal trailer, pointing to a February release. This provided further proof that PSVR2 owners wouldn’t have to wait long for the promised VR upgrade for No Man’s Sky.

Although it has subsequently been corrected, the description first stated “February 2022” rather than 2023. As a result, it wasn’t immediately clear if this was a deliberate change or an unintentional back-end error. However, Hello Games has now verified the February release is accurate and that No Man’s Sky will receive its PSVR2 upgrade when the hardware ships on launch day in an interview with Eurogamer.

The initial attempt at bringing VR to No Man’s Sky has proven to be a terrific way to see its massive procedural environment, however Hello Games hasn’t gone into detail about what this update will offer. rice paddies It would be interesting to see whether Hello Games used the chance to greatly improve their first efforts and whether such changes would translate to PC since both PSVR and PC VR still had potential for improvement. The outcome will be intriguing to observe.

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