“Bayonetta 3” was once supposed to be a “semi-open world game”

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  • Imran Khan, a video game journalist, claims that Bayonetta 3 was once intended to be a “semi-open world game.”

Rumors about Bayonetta 3 being an open world have always dogged PlatinumGames’ action/adventure titles, which were ultimately launched last week (October 28th) after being announced in 2017.

The missions would not necessarily be completed in chronological sequence, as executive producer Jun Inaba acknowledged in an interview from last year, which contributed to the rumors.

Imran Khan, a video game journalist, now asserts that Bayonetta 3 was once “planned to be a semi-open game.”

“The enormous hub world takes Bayonetta (or whoever) to another world that is itself very open. The design was intended to be more inspired by He Astral Chain than NieR Automata. The concept was,” says Khan. Perhaps Super Mario 64 might serve as a useful point of comparison for this.

The idea of a semi-open world, was one of the reasons Bayonetta 3 took five years from its announcement to its actual release.

There was a lot of effort and experimentation put into this concept, but the pacing kept breaking down, and eventually Nintendo requested that they reduce back. I have heard that it did not run particularly smoothly on the Switch hardware either.

He goes on to claim that there are still “a lot of vestiges of the semi-open world design in the final game.”

“Bayonetta and Viola must travel via lesser sections of the hub world, Thule, in order to reach the following important world. The chests were somewhat modified so they could be found in bigger spaces and offered a lot more choice for utilizing the surroundings. Even the different weapon modifications would somewhat affect traversal. He added, “I think we are probably not missing something major if it did not function and the developers do not think it worked. “However, PlatinumGames does not usually abandon old concepts, so I would not be surprised if something else receives this treatment in the future.”

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