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Beats Fit Pro should instead copy all the things the AirPods Pro 2 is supposed to do


Beats Fit Pro feels like the culmination of the brand’s efforts. Finally, there’s a pair of Beats headphones that in many ways rival his one of Apple’s flagships. There is a slight difference in sound, but the Beats Fit Pro are only slightly warmer and bass heavier than the AirPods Pro. It’s also pretty much on par when it comes to active noise cancellation and is significantly cheaper while offering all the extras including spatial audio support for head tracking. And its secure fit means he’s one of the best running headphones. 1. Better, more secure fit What AirPods Pro 2 should learn from Beats Fit Pro The Beat Fit Pro wingtips are extremely comfortable while keeping the shoe firmly in place.

With the release of the AirPods Pro 2, it’s rumored to go on sale around the corner during Apple’s Far Out September event. No, not his original AirPods Pro. Beats Fit Pro. The arrival of the Beats Fit Pro was a pleasant surprise for AirPods and Beats fans alike. Since being acquired by Apple, the Beats brand has continued to evolve its products, especially in terms of sound profile and audio quality. Its latest release offers much better audio than its bass-heavy, subpar-sounding predecessor, vying for some of the best wireless headphones and best wireless earbuds.


  • However, there’s no denying the slimness of the Beats Fit Pro’s design approach. The main controls are on the rear casing of the earbuds, which can make them vulnerable to accidental presses, but each earbud has a better grip for users to limit such presses. There’s also a tapered outer section that lets you in. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do, you’ll find it works well. If the AirPods Pro 2 took a similar approach, that would mean no stems, completely eliminating any opportunity for Apple to please those who aren’t big fans of stem design. Noness means a discreet and understated look when

  • AirPods Pro owners know that even the best you can do to protect these earbuds while in use is reaching its limits. Whether you’re working up a sweat at the gym or commuting to work, at least one earbud can fall out. The last time this happened to me, I was in the process of picking up my suitcase at baggage claim at the airport. Luckily I didn’t get stuck on the conveyor belt. 2. Stemless design Personally, I’m a fan of the AirPods Pro’s stem, preferring to use them for media and ANC control over the Beats Fit Pro’s buttons. It also minimizes accidental presses, especially when compared to competing brands of earbuds.

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