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Best Switch ever, but not different enough: Nintendo Switch OLED review


The latest version of Switch is the most expensive, at $350, or $50 more than the original Switch. Is it worth it? For me it is. For my children, no. But I’m old, have bad eyesight, and love the idea of ​​a tabletop game console. I bought a fancy Kindle Oasis in the middle of the pandemic. I already had a Kindle Paperwhite. I read a lot. The screen of Oasis is bigger and cleaner. I have no regrets. The Switch OLED is like his Kindle oasis for the Switch.
A larger, brighter OLED display is clearly better. So many people at CNET (not me) have his OLED TV and have been discussing the benefits OLED brings to mobile phones for years. (One thing I still don’t know the answer to is whether or not there’s a screen burn-in concern. And after playing for a week, I’m clearly my favorite switch. But the other way this one shines is in the Switch’s third mode, tabletop mode.

I will explain briefly. The Switch OLED is the best Nintendo Switch to date. But your child doesn’t care. Or at least not mine. I learned this the hard way when I lowered the toggle on the OLED screen and showed it to my kids, shrugging their shoulders in apathy. My youngest child wants a Switch that folds up and fits in his pocket. My older kid thought it was better but also said he was fine with the Switch he had.That’s what the latest Switch update is about. The subtle upgrades are nice, but the original It’s similar to what the Switch was meant to have from the start.


  • This mode was usually sucked into the original Switch. Because its weak stand is terrible and angled. The original Switch’s 6.2-inch screen is easy to see from up close, but tabletop gaming feels too small for split-screen collaborative gaming. The 7-inch OLED Switch display is more vivid, allowing you to see more details in small games. Finally improved the rear stand. The foldable plastic stand spans nearly the entire length of the device and can be adjusted to a subtle angle from nearly upright to nearly flat.

  • Finally a good desk switch
    I’ve always wanted a Vectrex. The Vectrex was an old 80’s game console with vector graphics that looked like a small self-contained arcade machine on your desk. I kept my iPad in a small mini arcade cabinet. I love the idea of ​​the Countercade retro machine from Arcade1Up. Switch has two distinct gameplay modes. A handheld mode and a mode where you dock and play on your TV. But there is one more thing. Tabletop mode means using the Switch as an upright screen and crowding around it with detachable Joy-Con controllers.

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