Bidgely will speak at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum on climate powered by artificial intelligence Technology

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  • Tender CEO Abhay Gupta will speak at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum, led by Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Czar John Kerry, September 21-23 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Global Clean Energy Action Forum brings together energy ministers from governments representing 90% of public clean energy investments, international organizations, clean energy financiers, leaders industry, labor, NGOs and technology innovators to accelerate commitments to deploying clean energy while meeting global energy security needs. Gupta will share his views on achieving today’s climate change goals through data analysis and customer-centric artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Tender CEO Abhay Gupta joins members of the Global Clean Energy Action Forum to discuss using data analytics and customer-centric AI to achieve energy goals. Climate Change.

“Addressing climate change and the transition to a clean energy economy is a global priority and I am honored to join other industry leaders who advocate the use of renewable energy technologies. cutting-edge technology to decarbonize our planet,” said Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “Bidgely is focused on developing unique climate technologies, including the world’s only electric vehicle patent, which is critical to driving the future of clean energy.”

During the panel session, panelists will discuss how data, technology, and market signals are key ingredients for unlocking smart energy and carbon that can benefit customers and value for their customers. energy grid. Gupta will also highlight the success of Bidgely’s AI-based separation techniques for electric vehicle (EV) detection, managed EV charging, transshipment and more, helping utility partners like NV Energy and Avangrid’s United Illuminating achieve energy efficiency, demand side management, and decarbonization goals.

Gupta will participate in the Business Forum, Using Data and Technology to Engage Customers, Entrepreneurs and Communities Strategically in Energy and Carbon Management, hosted by Edison Electric Institute on Friday, September 23 at 10:15 a.m. local time.

Moderated by Edison Electric Institute’s Executive Director of Customer Solutions, Adam Cooper, other panelists included:

Marie Steele, Vice President, Electrical and Energy Services, NV Energy

Ram Narayanamurthy, Program Manager, RD&D Building, Department of Energy Sandra Henry, President and CEO, Slipstream

Tim Unruh, CEO, National Association of Energy Service Companies

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