Bioforum Enhances Clinical Trial Technology and Services by Acquiring Validify: Driving Innovation and Improving Efficiency

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Tech News Summary:

  • Bioforum has acquired Validate to enhance its solutions for clinical trial data management and meet the demand for technology solutions in the life sciences industry.
  • The acquisition adds IT system validation automation capabilities to Bioforum’s portfolio, addressing the challenges of manual software testing in clinical trials and providing a solution for digitizing validation processes.
  • The addition of Validate strengthens Bioforum’s clinical trial data management capabilities and complements its suite of cloud-based automation solutions, positioning the company to drive innovation and efficiency in the life sciences sector.

Bioforum, a leading provider of technology and services for the clinical trial industry, has announced the acquisition of Validify, a company specializing in innovative solutions for accelerating clinical trial innovation and efficiency.

With this acquisition, Bioforum is expanding its portfolio of technology and services for the clinical trial industry, strengthening its position as a leader in driving innovation and efficiency in clinical research.

“Bioforum is committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology and services that help them streamline their clinical trial processes and accelerate their research efforts,” said Dr. Ronen Lorenz, CEO of Bioforum. “The acquisition of Validify will enhance our capabilities and enable us to offer even more powerful solutions to our clients.”

Validify’s expertise in developing advanced technology solutions for clinical trial management and data analysis will complement Bioforum’s existing suite of services, including data management, biostatistics, and regulatory compliance.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Bioforum and contribute to their mission of driving innovation and efficiency in clinical research,” said Jonathan Smith, CEO of Validify. “Together, we will be able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of solutions that will help them optimize their clinical trial processes and achieve their research goals more quickly and cost-effectively.”

The acquisition of Validify comes at a time when the clinical trial industry is experiencing rapid growth and increasing demand for innovative technology solutions. By combining their respective strengths, Bioforum and Validify are poised to play a key role in shaping the future of clinical research.

“Our goal is to empower our clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and competitive clinical trial landscape,” said Dr. Lorenz. “With the acquisition of Validify, we are taking a major step forward in achieving that goal, and we look forward to continuing to lead the way in driving innovation and efficiency in the clinical trial industry.”

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