Blocks by Kevin Owens The Edge of Sami Zayn and The Bloodline from WWE war games

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  • The Bloodline’s Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn faced Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Butch, Sheamus, and Ridge Holland for the opportunity before the Men’s War Games match, which served as a warm-up for WWE’s Survivor Series War Games. It was a really busy night for both teams because earlier in the evening backstage, both teams had collided.

Unfortunately for Zayn, Kevin Owens was also present in the audience and would step in to stop him from giving Jey a title to utilize. In order to help Sheamus win and give War Games the advantage, Owens would push Zayn in the ring while holding the Title, resulting in Zayn being expelled.

The Bloodline briefly had McIntyre on the ropes and in isolation, but McIntyre was able to summon some courage from nowhere and knock him out with a massive kick, allowing him to make the tag to Sheamus. Sheamus attacked Jay as he arrived, striking him with 17 chest punches before teaming up with McIntyre to deliver more blows, but the Usos managed to fight off the attack and escape.

Later, Team Brawling Brute had the upper hand as Sheamus was on the verge of falling, but Zane tried his best to divert Sheamus and pin him even though he was already out. Sikoa and Zayn served as a diversion, and Jay attempted to take advantage of them, but Sheamus withdrew for some reason.

Everyone else at the ring’s edge started to get confused, and McIntyre came dangerously close to sweeping them all off. After winning the title, Zayn attempted to give it to Jay, but Kevin Owens intervened and instructed him not to. When they fought, Owens pulled Zayn into the ring and the referee threw him out of the ring after he attempted to force Owens to slip the belt once more.

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