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Boss adds Dual Cube LX and Dual Cube Bass LX to its Cube line of amplifiers


A similar set of features can be seen in the second of the two launches: the Dual Cube Bass LX. Designed to provide refined tones for all styles of bass playing, the unit boasts that it can accentuate the sound of all genres, ranging from funk-inspired slap playing to aggressive and distorted metal tones. Similar to the guitar amplifier, the Dual Cube Bass LX also sports a range of effects, embeds onboard memories and comes with five different preamp types. What`s more, this model also provides users with nine rhythm types, each of which has three pattern variations each. Here, this offers backing rhythms that range from a standard metronome to realistic drum grooves that represent genres such as jazz, rock, metal and Latin.Wireless expansion is optional to both amps through the Boss Bluetooth Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor and a dedicated editor software is also available, meaning that players can achieve their desired sound through effect variations and parameter adjustments and more. The Dual Cube LX amp launches in September for $300 and the Dual Cube Bass LX for $360.

Boss has announced the latest additions to its line of Cube amplifiers – the introduction of the Dual Cube LX and Dual Cube Bass LX. Founded over 40 years ago, Boss’ Cube line is used by countless guitarists around the world. Now the brand has released its latest versions, both of which promise a range of effects, wireless extensions and refined tones. Ideal for playing both on stage and at home, the first of two new announcements is the Dual Cube LX guitar amplifier. Despite its compact size, the unit is said to deliver a surprisingly full and powerful sound, offering a selection of eight versatile amp types and offering a variety of stereo and mono his effects. Additionally, a built-in preamp allows the amp to be used as a portable vocal PA system. It also comes standard with three user memories. This means creators have complete control over their sound and can save their favorite gains, EQs and effects for quick access.


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