California Grants Level 3 Approval to Mercedes, Placing Them Ahead of Tesla

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Tech News Summary:

  • Mercedes has received Level 3 Approval for its automated driving system from the California DMV, becoming the first automaker to sell or lease cars with this technology in the state and beating Tesla to the approval.
  • The approved system, called Drive Pilot, allows drivers to take their eyes off the wheel but still requires them to be available to retake control if necessary, and can only operate on designated highways during daylight hours at speeds not exceeding 40 mph.
  • This latest development is a significant step forward for autonomous driving technology, though there are still concerns about safety and adoption.

Mercedes-Benz has achieved Level 3 autonomous driving approval in California, setting a new industry standard and outshining Tesla in the race towards fully automated driving. The approval, granted by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, allows Mercedes to test its latest self-driving technology on public roads.

Level 3 autonomy allows a car to drive itself in certain conditions, such as on highways, without the need for constant human attention. The new approval means that Mercedes can now begin testing its latest technology with highly automated driving functionality on its S-Class and E-Class models.

The Mercedes-Benz technology uses a variety of sensors including cameras, radars, and lidar to provide a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings. The system can then analyze this data to make real-time driving decisions, such as when to accelerate or brake, overtake, or merge.

Mercedes has been investing heavily in autonomous driving technology and hopes to introduce Level 4 autonomous driving – in which a car can drive itself in all but the most extreme situations – as early as 2021. In contrast, Tesla is still at Level 2 autonomy, with their Autopilot system requiring constant human attention and control.

The achievement of Level 3 autonomous driving approval by Mercedes is a significant milestone in the race to develop fully automated vehicles. It also puts the German automaker ahead of its rivals, including Tesla, which has been the industry leader in autonomous driving technology over the past few years.

This news represents a major step in the development of self-driving vehicles and is another sign that the autonomous driving revolution is gathering pace. With Mercedes’ Level 3 approval, it is clear that the auto industry is moving towards a future where cars can drive themselves with complete safety and reliability.

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