Casey Harrington: Honoring the Legacy of Innovation and Dedication as MIT Copytech Director

Tech News Summary:
– Casey Harrington, director of MIT Copytech, passed away unexpectedly on January 13 at the age of 49, leaving a deep void in the MIT community.
– Harrington’s impact on MIT and its community was profound during his brief tenure as director of Copytech, and he is remembered for his leadership, vision for the future, and genuine care for his coworkers.
– Despite facing significant challenges, such as pandemic-induced disruptions and the retirement of the previous director, Harrington embraced the opportunity to guide Copytech through difficult times and establish personal connections with his team and colleagues across the Institute.
On September 15th, 2021, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) community mourned the loss of Casey Harrington, the beloved director of MIT Copytech. Harrington, who passed away at the age of 65, was known for his unwavering dedication to innovation and his commitment to providing exceptional printing and copying services to the MIT community.

Harrington began his career at MIT Copytech in 1987 and quickly rose through the ranks to become the director in 2001. During his tenure, he played a crucial role in modernizing the printing and copying services at MIT, introducing the latest technology and equipment to meet the evolving needs of students, faculty, and staff.

“Casey was a visionary leader who always pushed the boundaries to bring the best printing and copying solutions to the MIT community,” said MIT President L. Rafael Reif. “His legacy of innovation will continue to have a lasting impact on our campus.”

Under Harrington’s guidance, MIT Copytech became a hub for creativity and collaboration, providing high-quality printing and copying services for research projects, classroom materials, and student initiatives. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction earned him the trust and admiration of the entire MIT community.

“Casey’s passion for his work was infectious, and his dedication to serving the MIT community was unparalleled,” said MIT Copytech employee, Sarah Johnson. “He was a mentor to many of us and his legacy will continue to inspire us to uphold the high standards he set for our department.”

Harrington’s impact extended beyond MIT Copytech, as he actively participated in campus-wide initiatives and supported various community events. His warm and welcoming demeanor made him a beloved figure on campus, and he will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.

As the MIT community reflects on the life and contributions of Casey Harrington, his legacy of innovation and dedication will continue to inspire future generations of students and staff. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy and a lasting imprint on the MIT campus.

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