CBDC technology from Fluency fulfills all the essential requirements of the ECB for a digital euro

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  • The European Central Bank launched on 29thSeptember 2022, their today’s development record at the research section in their virtual euro venture and elaborates on foundational layout capabilities accredited with the aid of using the Governing Council.

The record highlights key operational switch mechanism necessities for the virtual euro including:

Online validation with the aid of using third-parties

Offline functionality (wherein payee or payer aren’t related to the net) and peer-to-peer validation

Compatibility with modern-day regulatory framework

Privacy degree as a minimum identical to modern-day non-public area virtual solutions

Fluency`s CBDC generation meets all key ECB basis layout elements for a virtual euro.

Further specific records may be determined at the subsequent ECB link.

Aureum is Fluency’s proprietary blockchain account-primarily based totally ledger generation designed to allow the implementation and on-going operation of CBDC systems. Specifically, Aureum, with its specific account-primarily based totally ledger architecture, achieves: Peer-to-peer validation;

Online bills validation with the aid of using licensed third-parties; Dual offline functionality (while neither payee or payer has cell or net connection);

Instantaneous and programmable bills; and Double spending safety via its ledger saved architecture

Inga Mullins, Fluency’s CEO and founder, stated “We are extraordinarily thrilled to look that our solution, Aureum, fulfils all foundational layout elements for the virtual euro as accredited with the aid of using the ECB’s Governing Council, and look ahead to persevering with our ongoing engagements with the world’s principal principal banks that specialize in Central Bank Digital Currency”.

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