City council approves funding for technology and parks

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  • Two consent agenda items were approved by the City Council in order to accept financing for new Lake Mead Park expansions and support district court expenditures.

On November 2nd, $8,500 from two sources was approved and given to the city at the city council meeting.

“Item 7: The City has been awarded a $3,500 grant from the Virginia Federal Technology Trust Fund to help the district court with yearly costs associated with the usage of Tyler Technologies in both criminal and civil cases. Of the first rule, Mayor Albert S. Moore II remarked.

“The adoption of this regulation will result in an unequaled local increase of $3,500 in revenues and expenditures for the General Fund budget.”

“The passage of this regulation will increase the income and expenditure of the General Fund Operating Budget by $5,000 and does not meet local consensus.”

The second ordinance was her $5,000 donation to the city for the Parks and Recreation Department to “buy and install two park benches in Lake Mead Park,” Moore said.

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