Cleveland Talent Network Technology The platform is launched by UnifyWork

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  • UnifyWork today announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind workforce intelligence platform on the market. Its patented competency-based technology connects market demand for competency development with equitable employment, revitalizing local talent networks by removing barriers associated with traditional labor markets.

Better occupations can be found, or there are more than 27 million undercover employees in the US. I’m now lost. These covert employees might already possess the necessary abilities or develop them. However, UnifyWork is addressing the disconnected, disorganized, and uncoordinated competency-based education and training system that exists in the United States.

The platform from UnifyWork substitutes a brief evaluation that reveals a candidate’s talents and interests for the time-consuming résumé and application processes. The platform’s skills-based matching algorithm then shows the candidate a list of desirable jobs with thorough job descriptions and pay ranges that are tailored to their specific abilities and preferences.

Employers can access a talent pool of pre-qualified individuals that is not accessible through conventional job boards by using UnifyWork to fill open positions. In order to reduce bias in the hiring process, the platform also hides the candidate’s identity until a match is made between the company and the job seeker.

Jon Husted, the lieutenant governor of Ohio, said, “Across the state, Ohio is creating jobs faster than employers can find people to fill them. We welcome solutions like UnifyWork that have the capacity to match Ohioans with meaningful careers, while supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs. “It is essential that businesses and organizations from both the public and private sectors work together to promote transparent and effective hiring practices, and this platform will aim to produce a more vibrant and accessible labor market for all of Cleveland,” the statement continued.

In addition to bridging the gap between companies and job seekers for today’s positions, UnifyWork works to safeguard the long-term viability of full-time employment in the area. Educators, talent development organizations, and business growth companies can use UnifyWork to get real-time data into job demand and supply in order to satisfy current and future demands and directly address historical labor shortages. You can assess chances to retrain or upskill your talents.

Cleveland-based tech entrepreneur Stephen McHale founded UnifyWork as his fourth ground-breaking software business. He and his team are committed to permanently changing hiring thanks to their extensive experience with big data, machine learning, and utilizing supply chain workflow models.

I wanted to develop a technology that would help everyone because I love Cleveland, said McHale. Nothing is more important than a job for job seekers, employers, educators, HR and business development professionals. We need to make sure people get jobs that fit their lives. That might seem overly ambitious, but I want to support individual and collective thriving in our area.

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