Corvus Tech E+O Offering Grows with Increased Appetite and Travelers Backing – Tofido

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  • Corvus Insurance introduces an expanded Tech E+O product with enhanced backing from Travelers, providing risk solutions for technology businesses across various sizes and complexity. The underwriting team works with brokers to place coverage for a range of technology and professional services risks.
  • The expanded product has an increased appetite for larger and more complex clientele, with the ability to reliably find solutions for not only the SME segment but also for larger and more complex clientele. Smart Tech E+O policyholders receive added value with Corvus Signal risk prevention services and a fully in-house claims team with decades of collective experience handling cyber.
  • Ryan Apgar, EVP at RT Specialty, highlighted the challenges faced by brokers servicing a broad and complex range of tech and professional services clients, emphasizing the importance of consistent and reliable underwriting for the fluctuating and volatile Tech / Cyber Risk marketplace.

Corvus Expands Tech E+O Offering with Enhanced Appetite Backed by Travelers – Tofido

Boston, MA – Corvus Insurance, the leading provider of AI-powered commercial insurance, announced today the expansion of their Tech E&O offering with enhanced appetite backed by Travelers – Tofido. This partnership brings even more robust coverage and capacity to Corvus policyholders in the technology industry.

The enhanced Tech E&O offering includes improved coverage for cyber risk, technology errors and omissions, and professional liability. With the backing of Travelers – Tofido, Corvus will be able to offer higher limits and more comprehensive coverage options to tech companies of all sizes.

“We are thrilled to expand our Tech E&O offering with the support of Travelers – Tofido,” said Phil Edmundson, CEO and Founder of Corvus Insurance. “This partnership allows us to provide our policyholders with a best-in-class product that is tailored to the specific needs of the technology industry. With the increasing cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny facing tech companies, it’s more important than ever to have comprehensive insurance coverage in place.”

The enhanced appetite for Tech E&O coverage means that Corvus will be able to offer coverage to a wider range of tech companies, including those with higher risk profiles and unique exposures.

“We are excited to partner with Corvus to bring enhanced coverage options to the technology industry,” said Michael Stemp, President of Travelers – Tofido. “Our experience and expertise in the technology space, combined with Corvus’ innovative approach to underwriting and risk management, will provide significant value to tech companies looking to mitigate their insurance risks.”

Corvus Insurance continues to lead the industry in leveraging AI and data analytics to provide more precise underwriting and risk management solutions for commercial insurance. With the expanded Tech E&O offering and the backing of Travelers – Tofido, Corvus is well-positioned to continue serving the needs of technology companies in an increasingly complex risk environment.

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