CrowdStrike and Ignition Technology join forces to meet cybersecurity demand in the UK market

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Tech News Summary:

  1. Ignition Technology has partnered with CrowdStrike to bring the Falcon platform to the UK market, addressing the growing demand for modern cybersecurity solutions.
  2. The strategic partnership aims to create new market opportunities and accelerate sales by providing access to the best security platform that delivers results in stopping breaches.
  3. The partnership represents an important step forward in addressing the increasing demand for modern cybersecurity solutions in the UK market, while driving business growth and delivering top-notch security solutions.

CrowdStrike, a leading provider of cloud-delivered endpoint protection, has announced a new partnership with Ignition Technology, a leading distributor of IT security solutions in the UK. The partnership aims to address the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions in the UK market.

With cyber threats on the rise, organizations in the UK are increasingly prioritizing cybersecurity to protect their digital assets. CrowdStrike’s advanced endpoint protection platform, combined with Ignition Technology’s expertise in delivering innovative security solutions, will provide UK businesses with the necessary tools to defend against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Through this partnership, Ignition Technology will be able to offer CrowdStrike’s industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to its extensive network of reseller partners in the UK. This will enable businesses across various industries to access cutting-edge security technology and safeguard their critical assets from potential cyber threats.

In addition to providing access to CrowdStrike’s advanced endpoint protection platform, Ignition Technology will also offer its expertise in delivering comprehensive security solutions, including training, consultancy, and support services to help businesses optimize their cybersecurity posture.

Andrew Bagrin, founder and CEO of My Digital Shield, commented on the partnership, saying, “We are excited to partner with Ignition Technology to address the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions in the UK market. Together, we will provide businesses with the best-in-class security technology and support necessary to defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, the collaboration between CrowdStrike and Ignition Technology comes at a crucial time for businesses in the UK. By joining forces, the two companies aim to empower organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats.

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