Currently, the most popular combination in Destiny 2 includes the Target Lock Perk and Immortal SMG.

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Destiny 2 players have been raving about the power of the Immortals machine gun in PvP after a recent run at the Crucible or Trials of Osiris left many Guardians knocked out by opponents using the weapon. The Immortals is an SMG that features Target Lock, which increases damage the longer the weapon is aimed at enemies, along with other perks like Ricochet Rounds and Rangefinder for increased range boost. While the Adept version of the pistol is highly coveted, players will need a perfect roll to obtain it when it’s on offer during Weekly Circulation Expert Weapons and Immortals. YouTuber Fallout Plays notes that while Target Lock doesn’t increase the optimal kill time, it helps players reach that threshold faster and is forgiving if they miss.

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