Customer addresses and other information allegedly leaked by GameStop

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  • GameStop published a lot of sensitive customer data online. GameStop is currently the largest game retailer. Its competitors are now reduced to small corner stores, digital storefronts, and the incredibly constrained selection that other retailers like Target have. It’s unclear how long it will endure. Retailers have faced criticism for a number of reasons over the years. concerning his advertising of his NFTs, the failure to fulfill pre-orders, etc. It seems to guarantee that new reports will keep igniting the controversy surrounding the corporation, which is now very heated.

Over the weekend, social media users began reporting that GameStop was leaking personal information about other customers. Her GameStop website displayed other customers’ information, including names, phone numbers, addresses, and order history. Some said it was very easy to see the full credit card number, but I’m not sure if that’s actually correct. It’s very worrying.

When the website was upgraded, it had trouble updating the information it presented, which resulted to a significant number of accounts being compromised. It is not yet known if the problem has been fixed or if it still might arise. GameStop has not yet made a public statement regarding the problem, but we will update this story if the firm does.

It is highly rare for such defects to solely share information with other users; nonetheless, data compromise through hacking or similar methods is not always the case. It is extremely difficult to gain access to another person’s account, and if that person had been able to view the order, they might have been able to edit it and modify the shipping information. But hopefully GameStop is taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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