Deepin releases version 20.6 along with a great new preview of the version

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The most well-known Chinese Linux distribution outside of China, Deepin, has released two new versions: Deepin 20.6, the most recent stable version, and Deepin 23, a preview of the next major release.

Leading Chinese Linux vendors are refining what may be their final Debian-based release and getting ready to transition to entirely independent distributions with their own unique package format, Linglong.


  • There is nothing wrong with any of these items because they are very typical for a minor release of any Linux distribution. Although Deepin doesn’t receive much media attention in the West, this is relevant since it demonstrates that the software has significant momentum and that the firm is actively listening to its users and maintaining it.

  • We examined Deepin 20.5, the previous version, back in April. The kernel 5.15, which includes native NTFS compatibility and the option of kernel 5.17, the Nvidia binary graphics driver version 510, and Qt version 5.15 have all been updated in this very small upgrade. The system-wide search function has been enhanced, and problems with the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and several accessory apps have been resolved.

With a new package format and a planned transition to become a fully independent distro, the upcoming major release version is rather more significant.

We tried it in a virtual machine, and although it warns against doing so and displays a message, it eventually works and is just as attractive as ever.

Deepin switched from Ubuntu to Debian stable in 2015, and has been based on it for a while. It makes it simple to add additional software, such as drivers, and the Deepin Software Store is naturally biassed toward Chinese apps, websites, and services, some of which are of little interest to users in other countries. In our opinion, this is a huge advantage.

UOS, a family of Chinese-language distributions from the Chinese vendor Tongxin UnionTech, is available for free in the rest of the world as Deepin. According to its Wikipedia article, there isn’t much information available in English about UOS.

The business has now declared that this will alter:

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