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Despite inflation, Apple keeps phone prices unchanged


The excitement surrounding Apple’s new iPhone 14 models is a part of a post-Labor Day tradition the corporation has been holding for more than ten years. The event on Wednesday was place in the Steve Jobs Theater on the business’ campus in Cupertino, California. The majority of the event was a pre-recorded video presentation that Apple CEO Tim Cook and the business refined during earlier gatherings conducted during the pandemic.

Despite inflationary pressure that has increased the price of many other common things, Apple’s latest line-up of iPhones will include better cameras, faster processors, and a longer lasting battery – all at the same costs as last year’s models. It was a small surprise when Apple announced its pricing decision on Wednesday during its first live product announcement in three years. According to several observers, Apple would ask its ardent customers to pay up to 15% more to help offset growing component costs.


  • Beginning in November, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will be able to send SOS messages via a new satellite feature — a safety measure intended to let users request help when in remote areas without a wireless connection. On Wednesday, Holmes filed a motion arguing that federal prosecutors made arguments in the trial of her co-accused and former lover Sunny Balwani — whose trial followed hers — that likely would have led the jurors in her trial to a different decision. Those arguments amounted to new evidence justifying a second trial, the motion said.

  • For several years, Apple’s new iPhones have mostly featured incremental upgrades to cameras and battery life, and this year’s models were no exception. Pricing for the standard iPhone 14 will start at $799; the deluxe iPhone 14 Pro Max will start at $1099. Among the latest improvements is a 48-megapixel camera in the Pro and Pro Max models that the company said will produce especially crisp pictures. The iPhone 13 versions of the Pro and Pro Max have 12-megapixel cameras. This year’s high-end models will also have always-on displays that stay lit even when the device is locked, a feature that has long been available on many smartphones powered by Google’s Android software.

Elizabeth Holmes makes second bid in two days for new trial, this time over former lover Balwani. Twitter has sued Elon Musk, asking the Delaware court to force him to go through with the deal he made in April to buy the company. Musk has countersued and a trial is set to start the week of Oct. 17. Judge: Elon Musk can’t delay case, may use Twitter whistleblower. Some Tesla owners who paid far less for an earlier, unfinished version of the same “full self-driving” software that now retails for $15,000 caution that the new price does not make sense for most buyers. California, alone among all 50 US states, has the right to set its own auto emissions regulations. No other state can do that.

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