Detailed PlayStation Stars loyalty program

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  • The brand-new PlayStation Stars reward program will debut in North America the next week, and a brand-new PlayStation blog post has detailed what members may anticipate. Launching on October 5, PlayStation Stars will allow players to earn both loyalty points and digital goods. The largest draw will probably be loyalty points because customers can use them to buy “PSN Wallet cash, exclusive digital collectibles, and select PlayStation Store products.”

Participation in the program will be free, and while PlayStation Plus is not necessary, customers will enjoy additional benefits, including points on PlayStation Store purchases and subscription renewals.

Even while NFT is sometimes connected with the term “digital collectibles,” PlayStation was keen to emphasize out that these items are “not unique and do not utilize blockchain technology.” They cannot be bought or sold by users. They’re basically simply minor embellishments that highlight the heritage of the PlayStation brand.

Users will be able to earn various trophies in a variety of ways, some of which will require more effort than others. Customers can store their collections in an online storefront that can be made public or private. All users will start with the Star Gazer telescope. PlayStation will add new trinkets to unlock frequently, but the first batch will contain designs inspired on PocketStation, Ape Escape 2, and more.

Though the show is future remains to be seen, thus far, PlayStation Stars is looking good! Rewards and bonuses are always welcome, and challenges and trophies appear to be a fun way for newcomers to learn more about the PlayStation’s past.

The PlayStation Stars program will have four different status levels. Users’ levels increase as they unlock fewer well-known games and “purchase the complete game from the PlayStation Store,” which results in more advantages. The show will initially only be available on the PlayStation app, but the company intends to eventually make it available on consoles as well.

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