Diablo 4 high-level gameplay leaks online for 34 minutes

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The deluxe game has been archived and can still be viewed online, showing the Diablo 4 character wandering through one of the game’s zones Oh, and there’s a Colonel Sanders overlay throughout the stream, for some reason. which we absolutely cannot understand. Maybe the Colonel has a vested interest in Diablo 4.

A stream appeared to play what appears to be a Diablo 4.

The leaked gameplay footage also shows the million-damage level, which is perhaps not unexpected in the endgame of Diablo 4. The million-damage level in the new game is probably not too much of a shock.

There is also a boss battle against an enemy dubbed the “Final Boss of the Closed Beta”. As catchy as the name sounds, it’s clear the stream is from a version of Diablo 4 that isn’t intended to be released to the public, or at least kept under wraps until a certain later date.

While the gameplay is still there, we can’t imagine it going on forever. Expect this game to disappear offline most likely by the end of next week, right at the start of the game’s closed beta (for more on that, check out our guide to when the game will be available).

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