DMACC Surgical Tech Team’s Champion: Local Student Wins National Crown!

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Tech News Summary:

  • Three DMACC Surgical Technology students, Kara Simmons, Ashlee Howard, and Nalessa Narayan, won the annual AST Scrub Bowl competition at the Surgical Technology Association’s 2023 National Surgical Technology Conference held in Chicago from May 25-27, defeating teams from across the country.
  • The Scrub Bowl competition is a test of surgical technology students’ knowledge in various categories that make up the national surgical technology certification exam, with categories including anatomy, microbiology, sterile technique, law and consents, surgical procedures, instrumentation, preoperative technique, intraoperative care, postoperative care and more.
  • Their victory showcases DMACC’s commitment to providing quality education to its students and highlights the dedication and hard work of the winning trio in mastering various aspects of surgical technology, putting DMACC on the map as a center for excellence in surgical technology education.

Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Surgical Tech Team’s Victory on the National Championship is still hot news around town. The team left a lasting impression in the National Surgical Technology Competition held in Orlando earlier this week.

The event which brings together bright and budding individuals in the field of surgical technology was indeed a moment of pride for the DMACC Surgical Tech Team. The team was headed by a local student, Olivia Jackson, who led them to the top of the competition. Their remarkable performance beat contenders from other reputable institutions nationwide to take the crown.

Olivia Jackson’s apt demonstration of her leadership, surgical skills, and proficiency played a key role in their victory. Her ability to rally her teammates to bring the best version of their skills to the table was indeed commendable. Her exceptional display of professionalism in the field of surgical technology was second to none, and judges were impressed.

The National Surgical Technology Competition is an annual event that recognizes and rewards innovative surgical and anesthesia techniques developed by students. The competition serves as an avenue for students and surgical experts to exchange ideas and develop new strategies to improve the field of surgical technology.

The DMACC Surgical Tech Team’s victory is a testament to the hard work, resilience, and dedication put in by Olivia Jackson and her teammates. It has put DMACC on the map and highlighted its standing as a leading institution for surgical technology.

Olivia Jackson will indeed go down in history as the leader of the DMACC Surgical Tech Team’s champion. Her impressive feat has inspired many in the field of surgical technology, and her legacy will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.

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