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And then watch for it. Call quality on the iPhone is actually superior. With the 12 came 5G. But it appears that the major problems with the phone are still calls and cellular connectivity. Apple, please consider focusing a little more of your innovation on the two things that smartphones should genuinely excel at. I have to concur with the two earlier posts. These days, I don’t actually need to make many calls, but when I do, everything goes smoothly. Not that it is implied by the name. iPhone includes a phone. You might not actually need a phone if you don’t use it as a phone, in which case. Hmm. You

Let’s discuss what we genuinely desire. We are heavy phone users. The majority of us—and by majority, I mean the majority—are not skilled photographers and filmmakers. Apple should create a $2000+ Ultra iPhone if that is the market it is targeting. This iPhone would be larger, thicker, and far more of a camera than a phone, internet, or app device.


  • On average, 1.72 Trillion photos are taken per year with 92.5% taken on a smartphone. Do you really think only professional photographers care about the cameras? Obviously for most people their phone IS their camera. Hence the reason Apple, Samsung, Google, or any other phone maker would focus on it.

  • However, cellular connectivity isn’t just about calls, I use my phone a ton for apps, texting, browsing, etc. when I am not on wifi, so yes, improving how the phone connects to the carrier is important. And just because you don’t make calls, I bet you do use your phone a lot on a cellular network. That connection is a relationship between the network and the hardware. It is not just which carrier you have, but the innovation in the device that interacts with that carrier. I love the use of ‘us’ and ‘we’ in the OP. Are you actually trying to speak on behalf of others? So it doesn’t meet your needs….don’t buy it. Hmm. You can’t make this stuff up.

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