DXC Technology Elevates HanesBrands’ Workplace Transformation

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Tech News Summary:

  • DXC Technology and HanesBrands have entered into a five-year agreement to provide modern workplace solutions for HanesBrands’ global workforce, aiming to drive efficiency, connectivity, and productivity.
  • HanesBrands will utilize DXC’s Modern Workplace solutions, including ServiceNow and DXC UPTimeTM device management technologies, to support the transformation of mission-critical systems across 32 countries where HanesBrands operates.
  • The partnership emphasizes the importance of leveraging innovative technologies to create modern workplaces that enhance collaboration among employees globally and drive operational efficiencies, ultimately empowering employees on a global scale.

HanesBrands’ Workplace Transformation Soars with DXC Technology

Winston-Salem, N.C. – HanesBrands, a leading global marketer of everyday basic apparel, announced today that its workplace transformation initiative is reaching new heights with the help of DXC Technology, a leading global IT services company.

The partnership with DXC Technology has enabled HanesBrands to modernize its workplace environment, creating a more agile and dynamic setting for its employees. Through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, HanesBrands has been able to streamline its operations and enhance collaboration across its global workforce.

“Our partnership with DXC Technology has been instrumental in our workplace transformation journey,” said Geralyn Ritter, chief human resources officer at HanesBrands. “By leveraging their expertise in digital transformation, we have been able to create a more connected and efficient workplace for our employees, ultimately driving greater business success.”

One of the key components of HanesBrands’ workplace transformation has been the adoption of cloud-based solutions and digital tools, which have enabled employees to work seamlessly across different locations and time zones. Additionally, DXC Technology has helped HanesBrands implement advanced cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety and privacy of company data.

“At DXC Technology, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their digital transformation goals, and we are proud to support HanesBrands in their workplace evolution,” said Dan Hushon, chief technology officer at DXC Technology. “By leveraging our industry-leading solutions, HanesBrands has been able to create a more agile and innovative work environment, driving productivity and collaboration across the organization.”

The success of HanesBrands’ workplace transformation initiative has been evident through improved employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and enhanced business agility. With the ongoing support of DXC Technology, HanesBrands is well-positioned to continue its evolution towards a more dynamic and connected workplace.

About HanesBrands

HanesBrands is a leading global marketer of everyday basic apparel with more than 60,000 employees worldwide and net sales of approximately $6.5 billion. The company has a strong portfolio of iconic brands, including Hanes, Champion, Playtex, Bali, Maidenform, L’eggs, and more.

About DXC Technology

DXC Technology is a leading global IT services company that helps clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. With a comprehensive portfolio of services, software and tech-industry partnerships, DXC Technology enables companies to modernize their workplace and capitalize on new opportunities in the digital world.

For more information, visit www.hanesbrands.com and www.dxc.com.

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